It all began three generations ago in a small village, where I’m from, in Genoa, Italy. This is where my Nona perfected her idea of a homemade, all purpose “MARI-NAADA” sauce. Keeping with tradition, I’ve been making this sauce for over 50 years and let me tell you something, this ain’t no ragoooo. It’s the real deal. You’re gonna love it. Buon appetito!

Today, my homemade all purpose marinara sauce is made the same way my Nona did three generations ago. There is a reason it has stood the test of time and we've never considered compromising her old classic recipe. By using only the freshest, organic ingredients like vine-ripened plum tomatoes,  fresh olive oil and slowly simmering them with tasty herbs and spices there is absolutely no room for preservatives, added sugars or anything artificial. Besides, why would we want to ruin that authentic Italian flavor?


Salve! I’m Antonio Carlo, the master maker of our gourmet marinara sauce. I was born in Genoa, Italy and as a young boy I always enjoyed being in-and-around the kitchen. It is here that I learned the secrets to my Nona’s gourmet Italian fare.

In a quest for new experiences, my family and I came to the United States through Ellis Island and settled in New Jersey. Continuing with tradition, I began using my Nona's classic marinara recipe. As time went on, family and friends would always comment on how much they enjoyed the true authentic flavor of the sauce. It reminded them of the old world and that was a quality nearly impossible to find on store shelves. I've been making our all purpose "mari-naada" now for over 50 years and “let me tell you something, it ain’t no ragoo.”

From our family to yours.

- Antonio Carlo