Since 1877, my Nona’s recipe has stood the test of time. Her countless hours spent in the kitchen taught me the secrets to gourmet Italian fare. Today, I extend that labor of love. Guided by her classic recipe, I carefully fuse only the freshest ingredients to create a small batch, all purpose marinara sauce that is as rich in heritage as it is in flavor.

Today, my homemade all purpose marinara sauce is made the same way my Nona did three generations ago. It uses only the best ingredients like vine-ripened plum tomatoes and fresh olive oil which are slowly simmered with tasty herbs and spices to create an authentic Italian flavor. Sure, I could continue describing our sauce like a fine wine but let me tell you something, it ain't no ragoooo. It's the real deal.


My sauce is fabulous with just about anything. Traditionally it is great over pasta but just as delicious with seafood, chicken, veal, pork, grilled vegetables, homemade pizza and even as a dipping sauce — the list goes on. Take a look at the mouth-watering recipes using our sauce in our cookbook blog. Who knows, you might discover your next drool-worthy meal.