My handcrafted all-purpose marinara sauces are made the same way my Nona made it three generations ago. There is a reason they’ve stood the test of time and we’ve never considered compromising her old classic recipe. By using only the freshest, organic ingredients like vine-ripened plum tomatoes, fresh olive oil and slowly simmering them with tasty herbs and spices, there’s absolutely no room for preservatives, added sugars or anything artificial. Besides, why would we want to ruin that authentic Italian flavor?

Each flavor of sauce is fabulous with just about anything. Traditionally they’re great over pasta but just as delicious with seafood, chicken, veal, pork, grilled vegetables, homemade pizza and even as a dipping sauce.

I’ve been making these sauces for over 50 years and let me tell you something, this ain’t no ragoooo. It’s the real deal. You’re gonna love it. Buon appetito!

There’s no secret. It’s the process that I keep close to my heart. In fact, I'd like to share the makings with you—you’ll be hard pressed to find a healthier choice on the shelf. With each flavor in our collection, our process always starts the same—using only the freshest ingredients and adding nothing else. We carefully select premium vine-ripened Italian tomatoes and combine it with the purest of olive oils. Over low heat, we fuse together those rich, authentic Italian flavors with onion, garlic and fresh basil leaf. A dash of salt and pepper and we’ve created a mouth-watering, all purpose marinara that is as delicious as it is nutritious.


Serving Size

1/2 Cup (129g)

Servings Per Jar (24oz)

About 6

Amount Per Serving

Calories 190 / Calories from Fat 90

Total Fat

10 grams

Saturated Fat

1.5 grams

Trans Fat

0 grams


0 milligrams


450 milligrams

Total Carbs

7 grams

Dietary Fiber

1 gram


4 grams


1 gram