frequently asked sauce questions


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Does the sauce have a shelf life?

It does. Our sauce is best used fresh. The shelf life of an unopened jar is 24 months. Please refer to the date printed on the jar. Once opened, our sauce should be refrigerated and used within 10-12 days. Unused product may also be transferred to a container and frozen for up to 6 months.


Is your sauce gluten free?

Absolutely. Nona might not have known much about gluten-free diets but she would not have had it any other way.


Is there any added sugar in the sauce?

Our product uses all natural ingredients. We don't mask other ingredients (such as sodium) with added sugar. Our sauce is one of the healthiest choices on the shelf. Essentially, you can count all of our ingredients on one hand.


What can I use the sauce on?

We love this question. Our sauce is perfect with almost everything. Of course, traditional Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta but it’s also amazing on chicken, seafood, veal, pork grilled vegetables. Discover more here. I often ask “what kind of cereal do you like?”...“yep it’s good on that too.” We encourage you to venture out and be creative with it. Let us know what you discover.


Is it true that the sauce is made in small batches?

That is a true statement.

Shipping & Handling


What is your shipping policy?

Currently, we’re stocking our “own-line” shelves so our online shop will be available soon. Until then, we encourage you to shop local. Find us here.



How do I order wholesale?

If you’re interested in carrying our sauce, please contact us here and let’s chat. We consider everyone family—after all we are Italian.

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How do you PRONOUNCE marinara?

Repeat after me...Mari-Naada.


Do some people really call it gravy?

They do. In New Jersey, you often hear marinara referred to as gravy.